Actual Experience second enterprise sale of new DWMP product

Actual Experience plc (LON:ACT), the analytics-as-a-service company, has announced that it has received a second order for its Digital Workplace Management Platform (DWMP) within 9 months of commercial launch.

This new customer is a major global healthcare enterprise who have contracted with the Company via a large US channel partner for the recently launched DWMP Light option, in which a customer can choose to enter a shorter-term engagement as a way of baselining their current digital ecosystem ahead of a major transformation programme.

Scarlet Jeffers, Chief Product Officer of Actual Experience, commented: “This second enterprise sale within such a short period of time since we launched the new DWMP in October 2022 is extremely encouraging in terms of our product-market fit. To drive early sales, we’ve adapted to the most pressing needs of our prospective customers by creating this DWMP Light version, which targets a particular market pain (quantifying the success of expensive digital transformation programmes) and has a lower barrier to entry than the full platform. Our expectation is that customers signing up for this version will in time evolve to the complete DWMP offering.”

This is a significant milestone for the Company as it marks the first enterprise sale of the new DWMP through a large US based channel partner, as well as entering a major vertical market sector. The global healthcare sector represents a significant opportunity for Actual’s innovative and market-leading technology as well as proving to be economically resilient under tougher market conditions. This order totals £135k in revenue for a 6 month baselining project. This amount will be deducted from the $200k pre-payment made by the channel partner to the Company for Actual licenses as announced on March 15 2021, but will be fully recognised as revenue over the life of the contract.

Roy Jugessur, Chief Revenue Officer of Actual Experience, said: “We are delighted to have been appointed to work with this large new enterprise customer as part of a deeper strategic partnership. Throughout the process there was clear acknowledgement of how Actual’s SaaS analytics platform will create value by tracking the impact of the customer’s ambitious digital transformation programme on employees as well as quantifying the ROI in terms of productivity. Our continued growth proves that our disruptive technology is a ‘need to have’ for IT and Operations leaders alike.”

Actual Experience continues its focus on large enterprise sales both through direct and partner engagements.  The Company is seeing a constant uptick in interest for its Digital Employee Experience (DEX) products specifically through the materialisation of RFP processes, showing that demand is growing in this emergent market segment.

Iain McCready, Actual’s newly appointed CEO commented: “This is an incredibly exciting time for the Company as we begin to see the recent momentum in the sales pipeline crystalising into early revenue for the new DWMP product. We look forward to this next stage of growing our position in the DEX category as it continues to take shape.”  

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Actual Experience plc

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